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The female image is strongly influenced by our Westernized culture and social standards. It’s hard, very hard to counter that influence especially when you add on the personal experience that she has had throughout her life that supports that standard.

When you’re trying to help her see her own beauty you are not just combating a culture or socially inflicted concept, but you are also battling against her own psychological imprint. This impression upon her is based on her subjective experiences with men in her life and observations of women in her life.

All of that paints a convincing portrait of beauty, but as her man, the difficulty in reaching her isn’t over. Add to your challenge the “Law of Familiarity” where the closer and more intimate a person is the less we find them worth listening to.

A woman is only flattered by a man for so long. Then she gets familiar with him through relationship. When she gets familiar with him on an intimate level, she gets familiar with his imperfections. That’s when she will begin to subconsciously count his summation of her as a part of that imperfection. So slowly and surely his compliments won’t count, especially if given repetitively and over emphasized.

What is a man to do?  What are you to do?

It’s Time for Us Men to BE Accountable: An Open Letter From a Husband Who’s Lost It All

One day, while counseling another brother, I realized that he, like many of us men, had to go through a cataclysmic and apocalyptic event in his personal life before he sought serious counseling help.

Over the last 7 years, I’ve talked to a lot of women about their relationship issues as they struggle to love a man who will not love them back. I find myself repeating one line, in different ways, EVERY time, “It really doesn’t help to talk to you alone. He needs help too.”

How Interracial Couples Can Have Productive Conversations About Race

Jesse Williams has done it again. His audacity to stand up and speak out for injustice has started firestorms of conversations and criticism all over the country and FEW of them have been productive. Since Empowered Couples is all about empowering relationships, I felt it necessary to address the elephants that are probably in the rooms of SEVERAL interracial couples—those who were afraid to OPENLY and PUBLICLY applaud Jesse Williams’ speech at the BET Awards.


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